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Artist Hutch

A curio cabinet to store inspiration and personal works of art.


Make a project to improve work flow.

10 Week Project

Spring 2022

Instructor: David Schafer

Class : Studio Practice.

I set out to create a destination for finished works and inspiration. The cabinet serves as storage for products to sell,  magnetic board to place reminders, and a display area to showcase inspiring work.


Through out the project I chose to celebrate the construction by revealing what is often concealed in furniture.

ArtistHutch_Image (3).jpg

Custom made pin hinges from cold rolled steel. The pin disrupts the door adding a unique detail


Drawers made with dovetail construction. The end grain of the tail of the dovetail is exposed on the front of the drawer

Sides and back are paneled with padded canvas, creating a soft element in a rigid peace of furniture.

Hinge Development

Common hinges are butt hinges and euro hinges. I developed a pin hinge. I chose to have the hinge in the front of the door celebrating the detail.

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