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After Party Set

Improving the camping cleaning experience.


Expand existing brand into a new market in terms of product, service, or user.

14 Week Project

Summer 2021

Class: Product 4

Instructor Fridolin T. Beisert


Current Brand Identity

Two brothers started the company in 2006 because of frustration with coolers braking on their fishing trips.

They wanted to make, “One that simply wouldn’t break.”

Yeti is a high-end outdoor brand, that brings great products to the outdoor experience. 

Current Market

They sell coolers, bags, drink ware and other goods for the outdoor environment.

They market to people who desire the best equipment and take their outdoor passions to the limit. Whether it is a BBQ, a fishing trip, or camping, their customers do their best and want the best products.


According to data from 2021
North American Camping Topline:

More than half the people go camping with their children.

11.5 Million people in the US with children, making over $50,000 a year, went camping two or more times.

New Target Market

Camping Families

YETI is not marketing towards families.

New families are balancing parenthood, work, and fun.

I often go camping with groups that have children. I am an uncle that gets to experience the joys and challenges of children at a campsite.


Through interviews with families, I have discovered the positives and negatives of camping with children.


Families enjoy being together and cooking.

They enjoy the cost effectiveness of camping.

Parents focus on what's best for their children.


Sometimes its hare to sleep.

It’s dirty everywhere, and worse with the kids.

Not having a
washroom makes cleaning difficult.

Current Market Amenities

Over time many features of camping have improved.
Cooking on a fire has turned into cooking on a stove.
Sitting on rocks has turned into comfortable chairs.
Food is now cold for days with coolers.

Yet the cleaning experience has seen little improvement.
I set out to improve the outdoor cleaning experience.


The pain points I chose to solve were: Cleaning dishes and washing up before bed.
View sketches by using arrows.

Bag Devlopment

The bag is meant to transport supplies as well as a place to clean dishes.

I started developing the bag with paper.
I then moved to working with fabric and a stand for the bag.
From there I fabricated a full scale bag.
Wk8 (2).jpg

Final Bag Design

Unzip sides to open into a sink.

Mat Development

The mat is a clean ground for campers to rinse their feet after a day of hiking.

Wk4 (7).jpg
Transitioning from sketches into models is a fascinating experience.
First mock-up is with staples to test how weaving fabric and wood works.
Second mock-up is adding stitching instead of staples to secure it.  I discovered only stitching at each end is necessary.
I realized that stitching is not necessary to hold the ends of straps in place.
I created a way to lock straps at the end of the mat without stitches or staples.

Final Mat

After Party Set

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