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Turntable sales have steadily increased sense 2012.

People in the age range 25-34 and people over 55 are the biggest purchasers of vinyl.

Vinyl sales have more than doubled sense 2019.


“Records are a musical medium you experience, it’s analogue, you engage with it.”

“I have a collector mentality.”

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“I like the exclusivity, I’m not a reseller though, it’s just for me to have.”

“I collect rare releases, I bought all five variations, I have the black, the white, the pink, the green and the red.”

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Observing how people stored their records was insightful.

Many people spoke about admiring the album art but few displayed it.

Their was often an up next section, or just purchased section.

Everyone was in the market for a record storage solution.


The collecting is always growing.

People spoke of enjoying the visual art but few displayed it.
Record player is rarely at an optimal height

There is often an up next section

A system that can grow as the collection grows.

A space to display and celebrate album art.

A comfortable height to interact with record player.

Design Direction

User Scenario


The process of development entails progressing from initial sketches to tangible construction and then 3D modeling. Sketches serve as a conduit for translating ideas onto paper, while the stages of building and 3D modeling provide the crucial arena for testing and refining these ideas.


When I embark on the product development journey, I follow a structured process that begins with sketching and progresses to constructing detailed models, then moving to SolidWorks. During the initial sketching phase, I conceptualize a design featuring multiple accessible compartments from both the front and the top. This design aims to showcase record art on the front while incorporating a separate display shelf.

As I transition from sketches to constructing physical models, I encountered challenges associated with the use of metal, such as increased weight and fabrication complexities. However, I found that opting for a ½” thickness material offered a solution, providing a balance between lightness and durability for the boxes. Additionally, the incorporation of sex bolts ensures a highly secure connection, offering the flexibility to rearrange the components in various configurations.

Solid walnut wood and a pop of yellow to bring a minimalist space alive.

Minimal Modern


Eclectic Collector

People who collect records often collect other objects. They view themselves as someone in care of the objects that they have. Having a limited-edition line of colors provides an exclusive opportunity for collectors.

Loft Living

Loft spaces often have rough construction materials for finishes. Baltic birch with exposed edges will provide a collector with a peace that will fit in with its surroundings.

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