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Allbirds_Keyshot (2).jpg
A fitness tracker for the allbirds brand.

3 week project

Spring 2021

Class: 3D modeling 2

Instructor: Jeff Jones

Allbirds_Shoe_Images (2).jpg
Allbirds is a shoe company I admire. The company pays close attention to the materials used and is a leader in sustainability.

Brand Detail

Finding a brand language is key to creating a cohesive product. Research into finding unique details in the Allbirds products provided direction into watch details.

Allbirds_Shoe_Images (4).jpg


Hand sketching is a quick way to get ideas out of the mind and onto paper. This is a key step before going to solidworks.


Solidworks is a place to sort out the details of how everything will come together. In this course, I developed surfacing techniques to make organic and smooth forms.   
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